What Nami bring traders

Diligence is the secret for constructing Nami

Risk Management

Lots of potential risks in financial market and traders are often prone to being distracted against this point as hungry for profit. Reminders from Nami will keep you on the track.

Performance improvement

Combined with hundreds of trading instruments and thousands of professional traders, investment funds Nami help you seek for investment opportunities, high return with low risk.

Knowledge improvement

The difference between sustainable profit trader and unsustainable profit trader is their knowledge. Nami provide traders with courses from beginning to advanced level.

Nami's 6S principle

Simple - Smart - Strong - Speedy - Stable - Secure

What Nami can do?

Nami grow more intelligent day by day and become the sole virtual assistant in financial investment sector.

Copy Trade

Easy to choose and pick professional traders to follow their trades.


Join courses from beginning to advanced level to obtain knowledge and achieve success in financial investment sector.

Account management

Nami's realtime management system helps you catch up with market movement and account situation without wasting time in front of your desktop all the day.

Task undertaking

Hundreds of tasks can be undertaken by Nami.

Instrument following

A clear, simple and smart system helps you follow your favourite instruments easily.